Richter Creative Office (RCO) is a strategy-led marketing agency established in 2014 in Kuwait.

The meaning of ‘Richter’ refers to the scale designed to measure the impact of earthquakes. We measure virtual earthquakes and the impact they have in the market. We identify and magnify our clients’ strengths to reach a desired target audience. We develop campaigns designed to boost the business’s brand value and market share to a large extent. In order to plan an impact, we map out a pre-defined strategy that highlights our client’s unique value proposition, target audience, and market abilities.


Becoming the top performing creative marketing agency in the Arab World.


Empower businesses through groundbreaking, strategy-led and creative marketing techniques.


  • Creative: What box? We don’t have a box to begin with.
  • Visionary: We visualize success in a different way.
  • Passionate: Driven by hunger moved by progression, and executed by devotion.
  • Strategic: We direct the collection of every piece of the puzzle.
  • Agile: We move with the trend tide, keeping all doors open.